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1929::Five Cougars and a Deer ... a Sooke, British Columbia Hunting Expedition

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Three men set a new hunting record in Sooke, British Columbia in the 1920s.

1929::Sooke Expedition Breaks Hunting Record

"Five Cougars and a Deer"

Photo Clip: The Bystander (1931 British Columbia promotional advertisement) London, England

"British Columbia is a happy hunting ground for the sportsman in the woods, always affording a large variety of sport for the marksman's rifle."

In September, 1929, Isaac Smith had arranged to go on a hunting trip with his son and good friend James Brewer. A few days before they set out, Smith and his dog Mickey scouted out the perfect hunting ground where they found the remains of six deer near Sooke Lake, and soon found and shot the full-bellied cougar who had just feasted on them. Days later, and only hours into their big trip, the hunters found and shot three more cougars feasting on a small deer in the same area. The men spent the night in a patrolman's shack at Sooke Lake and shot their fifth and last cougar shortly after breakfast. They strapped the lifeless cougars onto their car - along with the small deer that the cougars had been feasting on - and returned to Victoria where they parked in front of a large and curious crowd outside of the Times Building at the corner of Fort and Broad Street.

The hunters had set a record for the largest hunting kill (five in one week) and made national headlines with their photo. They later collected the government bounty of forty dollars per cougar.

1929::Los Angeles Times Reports Record Hunting Trip

"Record Breaking Hunting Trip"

Clip: Los Angeles Times (1929)

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Times reports men's record breaking hunting trip.

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