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Papertown Station Story Map 

Welcome to the newest feature of our website! It's filled with our favourite West Coast stories so that our readers can browse  neighbourhoods instead of our whole collection. Each story is marked with a a Papertown Train Station icon that will lead you a story about that location.
We hope you find a few Papertown Stations in your neighbourhood!


Using the Story Map

Using the Papertown Station Story Map can be as simple as four easy steps:
1. Drag and pull the map and zoom in or out of your desired location to reveal more icons. Using the +/- at the bottom left of the map can help you do this. Zooming out can also reveal additional icons (ie London, San Francisco, etc.).

2. Click on any Papertown Station icon to reveal a story outline. Each outline provides a link to connect you to the full story.
3. Click on the small arrow at the very top left of the map to open the map menu. This will display all of the stories that are loaded onto the map. Clicking on one will highlight the station on the map with a white halo. Some stories are listed more than once because they occur across several locations. If you are only interested in one period of time, simply remove the checkmarks from other time periods in the menu. This will make other periods disappear so that all that remains on the map are Papertown Station Story icons of your desired time period.

4. Use the 4-cornered square at the top right of the map to expand the map, and the three-dot icon beside it to share it on social media.

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