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 When do you want to go?

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Scattered throughout the interweb are little nuggets of interesting stories from the past. We gather them up and blog them here for you to read. Our focus is Vancouver Island and the Pacific Northwest and random stories from around the globe that we simply feel like sharing.

Papertown Station Story Map

Your journey begins when you decide when you want to go! Our cartographers map our stories from the past as they navigate their way around the globe. So find what's interesting to you and climb aboard! Let the stories begin! 



From the great legends of the West Coast to where we are now, browse through Papertown Station stories by the time period that interests you most.

Golden Hind Ship



Westcoast tribes, Drake, de Fuca, myths, legends, petroglyphs, pre-written history, mysterious artifacts.

Papertown Station Train



Confederation, gold, military, Suez, streetcars, phonograph, roads, railroads, balloons, epidemics, bicycles, electricity, steamships, int'l sports.




Contact, explorers, cartography, Nootka, Cook, Vancouver, Quadra, Maquinna, trades, HBC.




Automobiles, flight, Panama Canal, film, hockey, highways, forestry, dry dock, war, suffrage, polar exploration, fisheries, scuba, prohibition,.

Tall Ships



Windjammers, coal, forts, Royal Mail, Tzouhalem, legislature, merchants, photography, telegraphy, sawmills.

Princess Vancouver



BC Ferries, archives, preservation.

Editor's Pick
Editor's Pick
Editor's Pick


Your favourite topic-based Facebook pages, from cars, planes and ships to sports, poetry and medicine. Stories by topics that interest you most.

Outlandish Coast Logo

Outlandish Coast


Offbeat, bizarre and quirky stories, larger than life or difficult or conclude. Simply outlandish.

Timeless Words and Art Logo

Timeless Words & Art


Timeless works of authors, poets, journalists and tall-tale-tellers, sculptors, painters and photographers.

Ye Olde Pantry Logo

Ye Olde Pantry


Recipes, food brands, potions and traditional favourites from the food makers of the past. (Facebook only) 

Pathfinders Logo

The Pathfinders


Interesting maps and sketches with a focus on British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. Online only!

Refried Advertised Logo

Refried Advertised


Advertisements from the past with a focus on British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. (Facebook only)

Papertown Station Logo

Papertown Station

Interesting, random stories from the past. Our focus is Vancouver Island and the Pacific Northwest.

Stories From the Apothecary Logo

Stories From the Apothecary


Potions, Medicine Men, miraculous cures, discoveries, science and stories from the apothecary.

Soldier Stories Logo

Soldiers Stories

Interesting life stories within wartime stories. Heartwarming, tense, and real-life soldier stories

Checked-In Logo



Hotels from British Columbia's past and the exciting people who owned, and visited them. Coming Soon!

Police Chief

Bobbies, Bandits and Bad Guys


Lawmakers and breakers of the Wild Wild West. Our focus is British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

From A to BC Logo

From A to BC


Early vehicles and their parts, tinkerers, roads and journeys that brought them from A to BC. 

Afloat Logo


Over the waves and under the seas. Interesting ship stories from the past. Did it sink? Or stay afloat. New!

Old Sports Logo

Old Sports


Athletes, sporting venues and events of the Pacific Northwest that are long forgotten. Coming Soon!

Beyond BC Logo

Beyond the West


Random bits of history with a focus on the world beyond British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. New!

Space Helmut

Tin Hats: One Size Fits All


Conspiracies, phenomena and things in the sky. British Columbia and around the world. Coming Soon!


What are they saying?


“I started with one little story and I couldn't stop from moving on to the next one.  Thank you!”

-G. Probert, Retired-
Nanaimo, BC

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