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2024::A Winter Flight and a Journey Through Time

Updated: Mar 23

A reflective flight from Calgary to the coast on a cold winter day.

Do you feel like getting away but can't escape? Or have you always wanted to fly to the West Coast of Canada but can't make it there? This little flight to the coast on a cold winter day might help you. The entire flight and footage is 1 hour and 13 minutes, but this clip will entertain you at four times the speed.

After de-icing the wings, the plane takes off to the clear skies above, where you can look down on the blanket of snow that had fallen overnight on Alberta. You'll fly over the city of Calgary to the Rocky Mountains and cross the Alberta-British Columbia border to the serene scene of the Bugaboo and Monashee Mountain Ranges. As you approach the Okanagan Valley, the clouds will set in and lead you to the Pacific Coast. After flying over the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands, the clouds will break to reveal the rolling green hills of South Vancouver Island as you descend across the Saanich Inlet to land at Victoria YYJ.

Through the lens of Pacific Northwest history, this bird's-eye view can transport you to a time when our ancestors traversed these lands. Back when desperate miners arrived in search of minerals and gold on the Fraser River and in the Cariboo, when kings, queens, politicians and lawmakers grappled with the challenges of a new world, when impoverished immigrants from around the globe arrived by boat or by train in search of a better life, when the rail surveyors of the Canadian Pacific and the Royal Engineers of the Cariboo Road conquered the impossible, when soldiers defended freedom in distant lands, when navigators and pathfinding map-makers helped mark the way, when explorers claimed lands for the rulers of their own, and when the First Peoples, who respected and protected these lands, welcomed the world to their home in this remote paradise called The West.

Turn on high definition.

Be sure to turn on the video's High Definition at the bottom of the screen for best viewing.

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