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1934::Spearfishing in Cowichan Bay, British Columbia

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

A young man, a spear and plenty of fish.

1934::Early Spearfishing on Vancouver Island

"Thrown Like an Ancient Greek"

Photo Clips: The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News (1934)

Photographer: Negley Farson

After a long day of fishing with little success, an Englishman returned his boat to shore where he happened upon a young Cowichan man whose most recent catch with a spear lay nearby. The young man held up his spear to the camera and explained that it had two steel-tipped prongs fastened to the shaft by separate lanyards. He demonstrated the effectiveness of his spear when he expertly threw it like a javelin into the back of a passing fish. The photographer was impressed and gave it a go himself, happy to have caught the Cowichan man on camera for a major London newspaper.

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