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1937::63.5 lb Salmon Caught Near Victoria, British Columbia's Breakwater

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

A fish that shocked the world and boosted the tourism industry on Vancouver Island.

"63.5lb Salmon Caught Near Victoria's Breakwater" Photo Clip: The Honolulu Advertiser (1938)

Using a home-made plug for a lure, Sergeant White hooked and landed a 63.5 lb spring salmon after a 20 minute battle near the entrance to Victoria, British Columbia's harbour, somewhere between Brotchie Ledge and the breakwater. This famous photo of the catch was used far and wide to promote Vancouver Island tourism.

"Brotchie Ledge"

Photo: Private Collection

For anyone who doesn't know where Brotchie Ledge is, it's the little rock/buoy jutting up out of the water not far off (and clearly visible) from the first bend of Victoria's breakwater. Brotchie Ledge is a big part of Victoria's past, and rich with history.

"All-Time Champion"

Clip: The Vancouver Sun (1959)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Is it possible that the Canadian record still belongs to this fellow? Caught on the Skeena River near Terrace and breaking a 49-year record.


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