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1924::From Washington to Alaska on a 16-Foot Open Boat... With a Goat

Updated: Oct 25

Washington State family man takes family and pets on a summer cruise to Alaska.

1924::Bon Voyage!

"1924::Bon Voyage!"

Photo Clip: Battle Creek Enquirer (1924)

Battle Creek, Michigan

On June 2, 1924, Linden Pentz of Seattle, Washington, set out on a cruise to Alaska in a 16-foot open boat. Onboard was his wife, their 6-month-old son Jean, their goat Seragro (for feeding the babe), their dog Sourdough and their black cat No-See-Um as their good-luck mascot.

"I want to show that such a cruise is possible as a family outing." - Linden B. Pentz

1924::The Ark

"1924::The Ark"

Clip: The Philadelphia Inquirer (1924)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The boat was geared with a small motor and sail, a non-sinkable crib ringed with life preservers and enough provisions to last two months. They planned to beach the small catboat each night and sleep in their tent while the goat foraged for food. They hoped to arrive safely in Alaska on time for the babe to cut his teeth on a piece of grizzly bear hide or mountain goat steak.

"All you need is a small boat, a few supplies and a spirit of adventure, and off you go!" - Linden B. Pentz

1924::Family Arrives in Prince Rupert

"1924::Family Arrives in Prince Rupert"

Clip: Victoria Daily Times (1924)

Victoria, British Columbia

By the time news of the Pentz family departure was reported in newspapers across the continent, they had already arrived safely in Ketchikan, Alaska, with nothing to report but a beautiful, safe and uneventful 2-month 1,000-mile journey. From Ketchikan, they ditched their boat and journeyed to Skagway, Alaska, to see the sights. The papers reported their journey as they sailed up the coast.

1924::Arriving in Ketchikan, Alaska

"1924::Arriving in Ketchikan, Alaska"

Clip: Nanaimo Daily News (1924)

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Pentz, born in 1893, remembered the excitement of the Alaska gold rush when he was a young boy growing up on the coast. Years later, he spent time in Alaska as a young man and felt that his family deserved to experience the remoteness of the Great North. It was a trip of a lifetime for the young family.


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