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1909::For Sale: Large Waterfront Home With Acreage on South Vancouver Island

Updated: Apr 6

A waterfront acreage for sale on Vancouver Island.

1909::Waterfront Property For Sale On Vancouver Island1909::Waterfront Property For Sale On Vancouver Island

"1909::Waterfront Property For Sale On Vancouver Island"

Clip: Pemberton & Son (1909)

Although the exact location of this turn-of-the-century waterfront acreage is unknown, its price of £3,000 is equal to just over half a million dollars in today's Canadian money.

Vancouver Island Real Estate underwent a significant change at the turn of the 20th century, especially on the island's south end. Large estates acquired and established in the earliest days of colonization were subdivided into smaller lots and sold as small farms or as part of a new and developing community.

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