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1889::Pumice Stone for Hair Removal

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

An idea tracing back to ancient times.

1889::Hair Removal With a Pumice Stone

"1889::Hair Removal With a Pumice Stone"

Clip: Victoria Daily Times (1889)

Victoria, British Columbia

When a Vancouver Island North Saanich man discovered an excellent use for pumice stone, he wasn't aware that hair removal by the volcanic rock was once part of a shaving ritual that dated back to 300 BC. when ancient Romans used pumice stones to follow up after razor blade shaves for a type of close, clean super-shave.

1902::A Sea of Pumice Stone

"1902::A Sea of Pumice Stone"

Clip: The Province (1902)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Floating pumice stones in waters off Northern Alaska led to a large pumice stone mining operation at the turn of the century. Pumice had also been discovered on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia a decade earlier, but it was never mined.

*This post does not offer modern-day advice or recommendations. It simply provides a historical record for entertainment.

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