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1909::Bull Moose vs Iron Horse in the Canadian Rockies

The last stand of a great bull moose.

1909::Bull Moose vs Iron Horse in the Canadian Rockies

"1909::Bull Moose vs Iron Horse in the Canadian Rockies"

Clip: The Sphere (1909)

London, England

Artist: Henry Marriott Paget (1857-1936)

It wasn't the first time wildlife appeared on the tracks. The train's engineer tooted the whistle and slowed down his train, but the beast refused to move. As the train moved in closer, he could see a giant bull moose standing defiantly in its light, staring down its fearsome, bright-eyed opponent. When it began tossing its antlers, the engineer understood that if it was going out, it was with a fight. Without time to react, he watched helplessly as the mad creature dashed toward the engine in full charge, meeting its end with its horns wedged in the train's iron.

Henry Marriott Paget, a British artist, was one of three renowned brothers whose artistry was celebrated in the late 1800s. His youngest brother achieved legendary status when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle commissioned him to animate his monthly mystery story in a local magazine. Using his older brother as the model for the main character, the young Paget breathed life into the story of Sherlock Holmes, forever etching his name in the annals of history.

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