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1912::Pilot Thompson and His House Near Beacon Hill Park, Vancouver Island

Updated: May 17

A pioneer of the pilotage trade on Vancouver Island.

1912::962 Heywood Ave Near Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, British Columbia

"1912::962 Heywood Ave Near Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, British Columbia"

Clip: Victoria Daily Times (1912)

Victoria, British Columbia

In 1911, Captain John Thompson retired from his long, distinguished career as a Pacific Coast mariner. For 32 years, Thompson had safely piloted ships of every kind to or from Cape Flattery, down the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and into or out of Victoria's barely navigable harbour. He was a true pioneer of Vancouver Island, but now it was time for a change.

1911::Pilot John Thompson of Victoria Retires

"1911::Pilot John Thompson of Victoria Retires"

Photo Clip: The Weekly Colonist (1911)

Vancouver, British Columbia

The honourable captain put his house up for sale, hoping he and his wife would spend the rest of their retirement living in one of their many Vancouver properties. But when their house on Heywood didn't sell, they took it off the market and spent some time in California instead. Pilot Thompson remained in his home until his death in 1920. The house was demolished in 1969.

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