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1959::A Stamp For Oregon's 100th Birthday

Updated: Mar 22

A commemoration of America's new Pacific Coast state.

1959::A Commemorative Stamp For Oregon's 100th Birthday

"1959::A Commemorative Stamp For Oregon's 100th Birthday" Clip: The Province (1959)

Vancouver, British Columbia

In 1848, just two years after Britain and the United States had divided the Oregon Territory at the 49th parallel in a significant treaty, news of a California gold strike sparked a rush to the Pacific Coast. Some miners dropped everything to sail out West, while others packed their families and everything they owned in a covered wagon and crossed North America on foot. With its newly defined borders, Oregon Territory was the end of the trail for many of these settlers.

On February 14, 1859, Oregon became the 33rd state of the United States of America. This commemorative stamp was issued in 1959 to mark the State of Oregon's 100th birthday.

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