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1892::Waiting on a Dock in Esquimalt Harbour, Vancouver Island

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Waiting for their ship to come in... an islander's pass-time.

1892::Waiting for their ship to come in. Esquimalt, BC.

"1892::Waiting on a Dock in Esquimalt Harbour"

Photo: Library & Archives Canada (PA-025029)

Photographer: Samuel J. Jarvis

Although the names of the waiting passengers were never revealed, modern-day travellers can appreciate their anxiety as they wait for their ship to come in. It's possible that they were waiting for a transport to Victoria, or a shuttle out to either the HMS Champion or the HMS Warspite in the distance.

1892::S. J. Jarvis, photographer from Ottawa, Ontario.

"Samuel J. Jarvis (1863-1952)"

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Ottawa's award-winning professional photographer Samuel J. Jarvis has been credited with this photo. It's possible that he happened to be in British Columbia and on Esquimalt's dock to snap the photo of the waiting passengers. In fact, it's possible that the he was travelling with the British-garbed gentlemen in the photo. Jarvis had been sent to the coast under contract by a British Syndicate that eventually bought and developed mines in Illecillewaet thanks to his photos. Jarvis took many photographs in the remotest areas of early British Columbia on his trip West in 1892.


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