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1864::A Christmas Apparition

Updated: Feb 5

The Christmas Carol of Timothy Tadpole in Victoria, British Columbia

In the early 1860s, the ghost of an unknown woman began haunting Victoria's settlers. Some called this apparition The Lady in White, and others claimed they knew her to be a dead relative. Whoever she was, she haunted Victorians to their core. She appeared beside bedposts while the living slept and was seen floating down alleyways in the dark of night, frightening everyone who caught a glimpse of her long hair and flowing white gown. This poem, written in Dickensian style, brought a bit of comic relief to the small city's nervous citizens and to the madness of the Christmas season.

1864::A Christmas Apparition in Victoria, British Columbia

"1864::A Christmas Apparition in Victoria, British Columbia"

Clip: The British Colonist (1864)

Victoria, British Columbia

Author: C. (Unknown)

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