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1912::Government Street in Victoria, British Columbia

Updated: Jan 21

A captured moment on one of the pacific coast's oldest streets.

1912::Government Street in Victoria, British Columbia

"1912::Looking North on Government Street From Courtney Street"

Photographer: Unknown

Government Street in Victoria, British Columbia, is one of the oldest streets on the west coast of North America. It dates back to the city's earliest days in the 1840s, but the eight buildings in this photo were built between the 1880s and the early 1900s. All are still standing today.

1885::Corner of Government and Broughton Streets in Victoria, British Columbia

"1885::Corner of Government and Broughton Streets"

Clip: (tbd)

In the centre of the photo above is the corner of Government at Broughton Street. Facing south is the Hamley Block, built in 1885 and occupied under its street-level awnings by the city's top grocers until the end of the Great War.

1912::Weiler Brothers at the Corner of Broughton and Government Street in Victoria, BC.

Across the street is the Weiler Brother's Building, built in 1898.

1910::Five Sisters Block Fire on Government Street in Victoria, British Columbia

"1910::The Fire of the Five Sisters Block"

Photo Clip: Victoria Daily Times (1910)

Victoria, British Columbia

In the photo above, next to the white building at the left, stood a structure called the Spencer's Arcade (better known as the Five Sisters Block). In 1910, a large fire consumed the Arcade and everything around it, from Fort Street to Trounce Alley and Government Street to Broad Street. The fire raged for hours. Telephone and power lines were cut so that firefighters could access the area and gain control. This left the city in smoky darkness for days. The lot where the Arcade once stood remained empty for years. Today it is home to The Bay Centre Shopping Mall.


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